Customization Service

Need some custom work done for your theme? Rascals Themes now offering Customization Service that will make your dream site come true.

Theme customization

Customization can be any work you need done to the theme that is not covered by the scope of our support policy. In most cases, this is anything that falls outside of the options the theme offers. The goal is to achieve the greatest results without spending too much time. We help customize a WordPress theme to your business or organisation’s needs.

WordPress Installation

Installation Of WordPress in right manner is essential and we can get it done on any hosting of your choice.

Theme Setup & Configuration

Our team will take care of WordPress theme upload, setup and customization upon your requirements.

Integrate music player

Integration our music player with your theme. We have two powerful music players that may also appear on your site!

Plugin Integration

We will choose the right plugins for your website and will install and configure them according to your need.

Other WordPress Customization Services

  • Custom Contact Forms;
  • Moving to a new Hosting Account;
  • Installing home page Sliders
  • Expanding your Footer;
  • Expanding your Header;

You need professional customization for your theme?

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